Angels with Fur is trying to build up a list of “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) about pets in Japan. We’re starting off small, but hopefully we’ll be able to build up a good collection after a while. If you want to contribute questions or answers to the list, please contact us!




  1. David Slater

    We are looking for a place to board our dog for the summer. Can anyone help us out?


  2. Hana

    Just saw your posting. Click on this website’s upper righthand corner scroll titled “LINKS”. They even list one place that boards pets:

    Check out Angels with Fur Japan other links and/or contact them directly.
    good luck

  3. I know how busy you are… I want to make a donation to help with costs of rescuing animals left stranded by the several recent disasters. I need an address and information as to how to proceed.

    Thank you for all you do — normally, and in this extraordinary time. I hope that lots of people all over the world are contributing. I am so sorry about all aspects of what has happened.


  4. Jason

    I am trying to find an animal shelter near ayase city for my wife and I to adopt a cat or kitten. Can any 1 help please?

  5. I heard about your organization through Tokyo American Club at their Here & Now event. It is such an awesome cause. I hope that we will be contacted soon to help.

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