Family Pet Adoption Questionnaire

This post is for anyone thinking about adopting sometime soon and for anyone interested in how we can make that process smoother.

When we adopted our dogs, each time we asked many, many questions to their rescuers. We tried to find out everything we could about our pups and what they would need for a happy life with us.  Even so, each time I remember thinking when we came home, “Oh, I wish I had asked…!”  and “I think I remember his rescuer saying…”     And memory being what it is, those “I think I remember” details gradually became fuzzier and fuzzier, especially for anything that wasn’t written down…. and things I thought I understood perfectly well in Japanese…well, were maybe not quite so perfectly comprehended after all.  Especially this was true with our unexpectedly challenging (though very cute and much loved!) pup #2.  Which got me thinking I can’t be alone in this experience and also got me wanting to have what you see here below.

If you’ve ever adopted a pet from a rescue organization, you’ve probably filled out an adoption survey.  This is like that, but more full of details that the adopting family in particular would want to know.  It’s one possible way of having a very thorough conversation with your new family member’s rescuer/guardian while having the chance to make a written record of all the details, and history, and likes, dislikes, and such… all of the things that you won’t want to not know later on!

Adoption questions from Meagan Kaiser

If you are thinking of adopting or know others who are, I hope this question sheet can be something helpful for you.  It’s totally downloadable, printable, and copyable.

Adoption questions from Meagan Kaiser

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