Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Flooding…oh My!

What a day!   It seems like wherever you might be in Japan you’ve probably been hit by SOMETHING today.  Everybody stay safe!

Please, if at all possible, take your pets with you if you ever need to evacuate. You are their only protection and if it’s not safe for you…it’s not safe for them.

I’m with you! Let’s go!

What to keep in a pet “go bag” for quick evacuation:

(short list)

food for at least a week in a sealable bag/container

any medicines/basic first aid kit

medical records

travel bowls

toys and treats(for stress relief)

extra collar/leash (dogs)

phone numbers/e-mail for your vet and animal rescue groups in your area (many if not most are very happy to help in an emergency)

Keep your pet “go bag” close to your main exit in an easily accessible place (ours is in the shoe cabinet) and update perishables regularly.  It can make a huge difference when an emergency comes!!




  1. I’m Mr Satoshi Miyamoto a Japanese person who live in Tokyo , looking for a friend as in pet puppy, thank you

  2. meagankaiser

    宮本さん、コメントありがとございます。Angels With Fur is a page to help the English speaking community in Japan with pet related questions. We are not an animal rescue or shelter ourselves.

    ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) Tokyo and Animal Friends Japan both do pet adoptions in your area.

    ARK Contact Information
    Animal Friends Japan

    Both of these organizations will ask you to fill out an adoption questionnaire and you will need proof that it is legally ok for you to have a pet in your home, especially if you live in an mansion or apartment. These organizations try really hard to make sure you and your dog are a lifelong perfect fit. It’s a strong sign of a good rescue group.

    Good luck to you!
    I hope you find a great puppy friend.
    Best wishes,
    AWF Admin

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