Yokotsuka/Tokyo area folks: Urgent Foster Needed for Seiji! **Update: Seiji is safe and sound!

If you have ever thought about fostering, please consider helping Seiji.  Let’s get this beautiful boy in a safe place…

I'm Seiji!  Can I come play at your house for a couple of months?

I’m Seiji! Can I come play at your house?  I’m a good boy and my family really needs help to keep me safe right now.

From Seiji’s family (updated/edited):
This is Seiji, our 7 months old male Siberian Husky. We live in Yokosuka and we didn’t know how hard and expensive it would be to find a house that will allow big dogs like him around here. So we’re looking for help from someone who can keep him for 3 months until we can move into pet friendly housing.  All the expenses like food and vet will be from us.  He already has a crate too. We don’t want to get rid of him and that’s why we’re trying to do everything to keep him. Our current landlord gave us 1 week for him to leave. We need help so badly.  Thank you!

If you think you might be able to help Seiji, please contact us at:
We will put you in contact with Seiji’s family immediately.
Thank you as always AWF!

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