Chiba/Tokyo Area: Little Tiger is looking for his forever home! Update: Tiger (now Koh) has been adopted! Yay!

*Update: Tiger (Koh) was put up for adoption  because of worries that he would not get along with his rescuer’s older cat… but luckily and with much patience…they have decided they like each other after all. So, little Koh will be living out his life with his human hero and new big sister.  Way to go Koh!

Sweet little Tiger was born outdoors, but has adapted to indoor life quite nicely, says his rescuer. If you’re looking for a gentle, quiet love-bug, this may be your boy.

Hello!  Nice to meet you. I'm Tiger!

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m Tiger!


Stretch!!! Beds are awesome!


Yep, definitely awesome!   Zzz…..

Who: Tiger

Where: Chiba (near Tokyo)

Health: Very healthy

Character: Quiet and sweet

If you think you might be interested in adopting Tiger, please contact us at:

We will put you in touch with Tiger’s foster family right away!



  1. GoEun Han

    Is the kitty still available?
    I live in Tsukuba, Ibaraki and am a student going to U of Tsukuba.
    I’d like to take care of him? her?

  2. Hiromi Saito

    Thank you for showing interest in Koh, GoEun! Thanks to Meagan, Koh is happily settled with me.

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