Tokyo/Chiba area- Looking for a foster family!

My name is Garfield. Don't I have beautiful eyes?

Hello! My name is Snaggultooth.  Aren’t I a beautiful boy?

Is there anyone out there able to open their heart and home for a few months for these sweethearts?  Their human mama needs to go to the US in November for a few months to help her daughter when she has her first baby. The exact dates aren’t confirmed yet, but best guess is about 3 months (average maternity leave). These two are much loved and their mama is doing everything right by trying to plan in advance for a nice foster for them. Can we help this family out?!  Thanks AngelsWithFur!

Grumpy cat's got nothin' on me! But don't let my expression fool you...I've totally stolen my human mama's heart!

I’m Garfield!  Grumpy cat’s got nothin’ on me! Check out that look!  But don’t let my expression fool you…I’ve totally stolen my human mama’s heart!

*If you or someone you know can foster these two beautiful boys from November, please contact:
and I’ll get you in contact with their mom! Thank you!!



  1. Allain sivs monforte

    Im interested adopting these lovely cats im from chiba too.theyre sa adorable!

    • meagankaiser

      Hi Allain. These two are up here for short term foster not for adoption. I think they have a foster family set up, too. Thank you for taking an interest in them though. They are really beautiful aren’t they!

  2. Allain sivs monforte

    I cant send u messages in ur email :(…here’s my no. Anyways…07050201659..

  3. Allain sivs monforte

    Ok..yes i love cats…i have 2 lovely cats too…well i hope they do well:)

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