Toby Weymiller

I went and said goodbye to a dear friend tonight. His lovely, strong wife and her kind family were there with him. As she said, he looked as handsome as always, and was lying peacefully, surrounded by many things representing what he loved – bicycle, skis, hiking gear, and beer.   TOBY THANKS!
–picture and tribute from Sean H.

And Toby’s own goodbye in his own words…

Toby Weymiller, a man who followed his dreams and was always passionate about making a difference, passed away in the mountains on(insert date), just as he had hoped.

Toby loved nature, the mountains, his family and his friends. He always thrived for the ultimate balance with all of these passions and his dying wishes were to tell everyone, “Thanks for the memories!” and “Thanks for all the support over the years!”. In lieu of flowers or donations to charity (although he always encouraged donations to charities), Toby asked that you all go outside, sit down, breathe in that fresh air and take a few minutes to remember him. Toby asked that you smile and laugh as you remember the good times you shared with him. Toby says that even though he is not visible to the eye, he is still very alive in spirit and you can find him often when you go out into nature and especially up into the mountains. Toby said he is waiting for you to come visit him there.

Toby is survived by many family and friends, all of which he loved dearly. You can go to to see more about Toby, including pictures and videos, as well as his family and friends.

–Toby wrote this obituary himself back in 2008 and his final word to all if you is “Namaste”.

*3/29/2013 original post:
Today is a very sad day for us at AngelsWithFur. Toby Weymiller, previous administrator of this page, passed away today from injuries sustained in an avalanche. A truly bright light has gone out of this world for both people and animals. In addition to the work with this page and all of the other amazing things Toby did in his life (and there were many), he was extremely active with the rescue of animals after the Tohoku disaster, both physically on the ground and logistically online. Both the animal and human world lost a great man tonight. Rest in peace Toby. You will be dearly, dearly missed…
–When you are outside, maybe looking at the cherry blossoms this weekend, please take a moment to remember Toby and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Mandy

    So sorry for the loss of Toby.

    Mandy, friend of Weymiller’s in WA

  2. Sherri

    Very sad indeed. I still can’t believe it……..

  3. Nicole Muranaka

    I am very sad. I met Toby with his wife in Kitahiroshima. He was very kind to help me how to bring my cat to Japan from the USA. All my prayers to his wife and family with deepest sympathy. RIP Toby.

  4. Tony Agcaoili

    Aloha to the Weymiller Ohana. Toby was a mentor, a teammate and am honored to say a friend. He was the most dedicated person in everything he did and my thoughts and prayers are with him and you all as well. God Bless you all and Alofa Atu brother!

  5. Neice H.

    Thank you all for your sympathy on this tough time. You are all wonderful people! Toby was a very loving, caring person indeed. He loved Tom Petty and skiing. We will miss you uncle. Tell the honeybees hi for me!


  1. JET alum community loses Toby Weymiller |

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