Aomori Area- Two Kittens (Tubs and Stripe) and White Shiba (Yuki) Looking for a Forever Home *UPDATE- all 3 have found homes! Yay!

**Thank you for all your help in sharing the story of these 3!  It’s great to see a happy ending here!

Please contact AngelsWithFur at :  (copy-paste) if you might be able to offer a loving home to any of these animals.  We will forward your information on to their current family and they will contact you directly.


Snacks please!

Age: Just over a year

Size: Medium-small dog (just below knee level)

Sex: Female

Breed: Shiba-Inu

Health: Yuki is in good health and has had all

her shots for both Japanese standards

and Misawa Air Base. We have

documentation for all shots. She has

been spayed.


Named after the snow that was falling when we bought her, she was pure white except for her ears and the tip of her tail. Over the year we have had her, she has gained more orange on her ears, tail, along her back and on her legs. She’s got a lot of energy and would do really well with a yard. She loves to wrestle and play with other dogs, but can get a little rough at times. It would be best not to have her around cats or a dog that is smaller than she is. The same size or a little bigger would be fine though.

Tubs (sister) and Stripe (brother)-

Beautiful brother and sister!

Age: about 4 months old

Size: going to be large cats

Sex: Tubs (female) Stripe (male)

Health: Healthy as far as we can tell,

but they have not had  an opportunity

to go to the vet yet.


Tubs-  She is a mix of white, grey and just a little bit of orange. She has no problems with people at all and is more than willing to cuddle at all times. She has been ok with our two shiba dogs, but she might not do as well with a larger dog.

Stripe- This guy is an adventurer. I don’t think he’s afraid of anything. He’s always the first one out of the cage, out of the room, in the dog’s face or climbing to the highest point he can find. He’s very personable and friendly, though a little hardheaded at times. He has gotten along great with our two dogs. He’s a beautiful grey and black striped color.

*Backstory- All 3 have been much loved and well cared for by their current owners. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the owners will soon not be in a position to be able to keep them any longer.  They are doing their best to reach out and find loving homes for Tubs, Stripe, and Yuki as soon as possible.  Please spread the word if you can about these 3!!



  1. Hope Hill

    I am interested in adopting your dog. My husband and I live in the Yokota Air Force Base in Fussa.

  2. Sorsha Vargas

    My name is Sorsha Vargas and I’m looking to adopt a kitten for my 15 year old daughter and I came across the pic of these two cuties

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