Are you and your pets disaster ready?

(Photo: By Mehdi Taamallah, AFP/Getty Images)

New York City has taught us some great lessons so far in Hurricane Sandy.  By law, all city shelters were required to be pet friendly and all taxi drivers had to accept customers with pets during evacuation.   **Hooray for  New York!**

Even the New York shelters though have certain stipulations for incoming pets.  All pets must be in carriers or must be on a lead.  They asked also that the owner bring their own food for their pet as well…  so even in the best case scenario, we still have to think… are we prepared?  Will we and our pets be ready if we ever need to evacuate?

Even more so in Japan, we need to be ready.  The regulations are not uniform.  Some areas have pet friendly shelters…others do not.  Do you know what the situation is for your community?  Can you talk to your local government about making a plan for pets if they don’t already have one in place?

I think most of the pet lovers on Angels with Fur would agree that we wouldn’t leave our pets behind, but are we ready with a plan for where we will go and what we will need to have with us when a disaster occurs?

All of this made me think about a friend who is a jietai (Self-Defense Force) nurse here in Japan…she is required to have a “go bag” in her entryway for  emergency.  Everything she needs to leave at a moment’s notice is in there.

We need pet “go bags”!!!
(Maybe you already have something like that, but if, like me, you don’t…)

The two sites below have some excellent advice to get us started with what to put in it.  The first is a wonderful veterinarian’s blog and the other I think everyone knows.  tsukurimasho!


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