Animal Walk Tokyo – June 4th Event

Join Animal Walk Tokyo for a morning walk around the park with your family, friends or pets to raise money for the animals who have been abandoned in the Tohoku region. Your entire 2000yen entry fee will be used directly to search for animals who are still lost, reunite families with their animals, and provide shelter, food and water to animals who no longer have a home to which to return.

Walk registration is from 9:00-9:30AM.  The walk will begin at 10:00AM, and there will be a fashion show included if your pet has a new Summer outfit to show off.

Sign up by visiting AWT’s website at or by adding our Facebook page “Animal Walk Tokyo” and signing up for the event. We look forward to seeing you!!

東北関東大震災 被災ペット支援チャリティドッグウォーク
Sanpo in the Park


開催日時: 2011年6月4日(土) 9:00受付開始
10:00 ドッグウォーク開始(約1時間)
場所: 代々木公園 原宿門 時計塔左手集合
参加費: 2,000円 当日現金でお持ちください。
主催: アニマルウォーク東京





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