A Lovely Anniversary

Tiger & Rock ie

(Here’s a recent letter from an active member of Angels With Fur)

Hello to all who helped us adapt to the addition of our third dog last May.

I already wrote about it to the list.

In a nutshell, she was a tiny, skinny runt of a dog, and on death’s doorstep. Staying in the garages of two farm families. One family was about to call the pound after GWeek let up. We went to tell the elderly man that we would take her but were not sure he understood. Later that morning, the elderly wife brought her 10 minutes to our home with a pink hair ribbon. I put her on our deck, locked it and went out. When I returned, our daughter was on the deck with her and some elementary aged children.

 Thought nothing of it until our daughter pointed out that she thought she might be a breed we never ever thought we’d meet in Japan or anywhere!!

I asked the people of Angels with Fur and was given good advice. We researched and learned a whole lot.

 After one year, she has doubled in size and weight and is only 2 years old now, has been spayed, vaccinated, and is “cute as a button” and kind and gentle. Our neighbors have played a big role in socializing her and understanding. She is pretty much now, just a dog with a few quirks but a dog who can sit, stay and cuddle and play ball. She likes one cat in particular who just goes into her room, flops in the sink and purrs. She kisses him and one time he was locked in her room with her and they got along fine!!! “And the lion shall sleep with the lamb!” 

 Enclosed (above) is a photo of Tiger and Rock-ie with our daughter who helped me see the dog as an individual, without a label.

Thank you for all you do and I hope you succeed in finding more homes for those who so need them!!!

Amy U.



  1. Hi. Its very nice to know of a ‘dog’ with a happy ending! Well done.
    My sister is a teacher in greece. She does help the street dogs + cats in all her spare time.
    I went to see her a while back and saw many poor street dogs.
    Good luck to you.
    Kind regards.

  2. Amy Uehara

    Thank you for your reply. The cats of Greece are famous. I do hope they are spayed and neutered more, though. Thanks for your support of this “dog.” We still are ever mindful of her “heritage” and tell her that we are going out for a “tolerant walk” each time. So, far, so good.
    Best to you and your sister.

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