3 Cheers for JEARS!!

Please donate at the Chip In widget in previous post OR you can use the PayPal email address, donate@jears.org , to pay directly. This was added recently because the Chip In page was getting so much traffic that people weren’t able to get in. We have been just informed that the PayPal address is not working properly and has been removed.  Fortunately, nobody was able to donate through this method.  WE have also been notified that the Chip In widget is not only working, but has more bandwidth to handle the volume.  If you want to donate, please click here to go to that Chip In page.  Thank you. It’s so awesome to see so much support and love from around the world. Just do a Dogpile Search (vs. Google as it supports Animals) and you’ll see all the organizations and media outlets that are supporting what we are doing. However, the best place to see all the updates is on the Facebook “community” page titled, “Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue And Support”. It has the same logo as above.

JEARS is also working on getting there website more interactive.  Keep an eye on their website for that happening soon.

Note: And a big thank you to Ben Logsdon, graphic designer in Boston, MA, for donating this logo to the cause. You rawk, dude!!



  1. Cardinal Cath

    The CHIP IN widget comes up in Japan and won’t accept my regular Paypal email/password

    • Cardinal Cath

      I mean it comes up in Japanese. Sorry.

    • Dakerie

      In the upper right hand corner, where the Japanese symbols are, click on it and you will get a drop down menu where you can select English. I am in Canada and had no problem using my PayPal account through ChipIn. Keep trying.

  2. Michael Weedman

    Cannot find JEARS Facebook site anywhere, would you please send me a link to it? A BUNCH of us here in the States would really like to know what has become of the 2 dogs rescued in Mito, Ibarak???

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