Help The Animals in Japan!!! (donation links no longer available)

*2014 Update:  Donation links here are no longer available. Thank you to all of the people who supported the animals in Japan during this difficult time. So many were able to survive because of your support.    If you have a continued interest in donating to efforts on behalf of animals here, please see our RESOURCE LINKS which includes the contact information for many rescue organizations in Japan including Animal Friends Niigata, Heart Tokushima, and Japan Cat Network- the 3 shelters which came together during the disaster to form JEARS.


A pup rescued from tsunami aftermath

If you have a TV or a computer, you know what just happened in Japan and are aware of the ongoing issue at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Tens of thousands of self defense force personnel have been deployed to the disaster zones. We doubt much effort is being spent on the thousands of animals that are undoubtedly affected by this horrific act of mother nature. If you can help, please visit Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support on Facebook and/or go to this “Chip In” page to donate to three reputable organizations that have come together to dedicate time, effort and energy to the animals in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Here is a message from David at Japan Cat Network:

WHAT is Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support?
We are a coalition of three groups; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Garden Niigata and Japan Cat Network. We are groups that have been rescuing and rehoming animals in Japan for many years. Our intention starting this group is to keep animal rescue on the agenda, provide shelter space, coordinate some Earthquake/Tsunami animal rescues, and to share animal rescue related news to the public. Like our individual groups, our collaboration will be staunchly no-kill. Any funds donated will be strictly and explicitly reported as well as expenses. Money and resources will be used strictly for rescue, care and support of animals in crisis due to the earthquake and tsunami. And while I first imagined cats and dogs, we can not yet know what animals beyond that we will be in a position to help.
Thanks to all for the support.


WHO is Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support?
The names you will see on this page will be myself, David Wybenga, who created this Facebook page, and Susan Roberts, we are the co-founders of Japan Cat Network, Susan Mercer, the founder of Heart-Tokushima, and Isabella Gallaon-Aoki, the founder of Animal Garden Niigata. This group will be focused on positive efforts. We are in Japan, we have shelters, we have a network, we have animal experience and expertise but we are looking for volunteers, funds and ideas. My intention is to not let comments veer into unhelpful or overly critical aspects, and I will edit or delete based on that. I know there is a lot of frustration with the situation going on, please be patient and help us to help the animals.


  1. Risa Renee

    How can I help?

  2. yamatoby

    Please go to the link above (click on “Chip In” and donate what you can. If the website isn’t showing up, copy and paste this URL:

    • Nancy

      The Chip In page won’t come up even if I paste the URL you provided.

      Please let me know when it works or what the alternative is.

      Thank you for all your hard work!

      • Lucia

        Hi Nancy,

        Have you found a way to make the website work? I’m also having issues accessing the chip in site. Please let me know.

        Thank you!

      • Lucia

        Website finally worked! Took about 10 minutes though.

  3. yamatoby

    More info’ from David at Japan Cat Network:

    All money will be managed and reported jointly by the 3 supporting member-groups. It will only be used directly for animals in crisis related to the earthquake and tsunami. We are groups with a fair amount of equipment and resources so we a…re not coming at this from scratch but the volume of rescue will determine what money will be spent. Any cats and dogs rescued will have to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, checked and treated, fed and housed, transported. Generally speaking transportation of people as well as animals will be a significant expense.

  4. I’ve got regular updates on my blog post

    Feel free to post updates, links, etc. there to reach a Canadian/American audience.

  5. newmoonoldmagick

    Good work folks. Our prayers and our funds are with you. Blessed Be.

  6. Donna G

    I just saw on the news, two freezing, gorgeous dogs cowering ,after the tsunami, beside the rubble waiting for their owners to come home…of course they never will, but what will become of these two dogs??
    I am so upset, news crews were filming all around the area but obviously were not saving these poor animals. One of the dogs looked hurt, please please will SOMEONE rescue them?
    Who is going in after all the animals?

  7. yamatoby

    those dogs were saved!! thanks, donna. can you go to that video and tell them that the dogs were saved? please!! this is really old news and we are working around the clock on saving animals. it would be best if that video was deleted for it’s slowing down our progress because everyone keeps bringing it up. thanks. your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  8. susan

    so happy to hear that the two dogs were saved! it was on the TV news just a few minutes ago.

  9. susan

    donation made, not much but i cannot sit here doing nothing while there are animals that need help.

  10. Kathy Michael

    I was just watching the news and saw a scene with 2 large dogs. 1 looked injured or possibly dead and the St. Bernard was frantically pacing and then he just laid down next to his friend as if he’s lost all hope. Has anyone found these 2 dogs and been able to help them. It’s heart wrenching!

    • Donna G

      Hi Kathy that is the scene I saw and they HAVE been rescued! I posted about it already < have a look at the rely above.

      • Kathy Michael

        Donna, I am crying tears of joy. It’s such a releif to know they are safe and together. I feel so helpless as I sit and watch the tv knowing that all I can do is make a donation and pray. I will continue to watch this website and look for all the good that is being done and stay on top of the rescues and events as they unfold. I know somehow, in some small way, there will be good that comes out of this…Cheers and smiles back to you!

  11. Chrisie

    I would like to adopt. R the angel groups planning on bringing any to the States? Even with donations there must be too many to support and house.

  12. Zapporah

    I plan on donating soon, I just gave $100 to the red cross for Japan and I’m out of money at the moment 😦
    Please keep up the hard work everybody!
    がんばって くだあい!!!

  13. Susan Mellinger

    I live in Misawa japan and was hoping you knew of any organizations working im areas up near us. I’d like to help with anything I possibly can!

  14. Mara

    The website for donations doesn’t work !

    • Lucia

      Hi Mara,

      Give it time and it should load up. It took me 15 minutes to get into it. Let’s hope it’s because of the high volume of people who want to chip in!

  15. Jen Min

    I can not access the website you have noted to chip in….I’ve tried for a while now.
    I want to give money where you can access it and use it for your efforts.

    Do you think it’s ok to donate to PETA’s Animal Emergency Fund? Does this money go to you?

    They mention you, Isabella as well as Ashley from Peta. Please let me know where I can donate money, thank you.

  16. talina melenchenko

    please pardon,i’ve not been able to get to the donation site.anyone in the organization have a paypal account?(or a paypal addy for the charity).thank you,the fur cousins in new mexico USA

    • talina melenchenko

      i found the paypal address on the facebook page.

  17. yamatoby

    YES!! JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support) is working on getting an official website up ( and have added a Paypal email address for another option to donate. That email address is: Thank you for caring!!

  18. Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to find out some additional information.

    • meagankaiser

      Hello, thanks for your message. I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier. JEARS, the organization discussed in this post disbanded as a single entity about 2 years after the Tohoku disaster. JEARS consisted of 3 fairly large rescue organizations in Japan combining forces to better deal with the magnitude of this event. The individual rescue organizations are still going strong and in fact I think all are still caring for animals from Fukushima. It just makes more sense at this time for them to do that work within their own organizational structure now.
      Here are the rescues that were involved:

      Animal Friends Niigata
      Heart Tokushima
      Japan Cat Network


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