Outings With Difficult Dogs

Hello, everyone,
I wanted to let you know that we went to the park mentioned below. Our account
may or may not be useful to the list’s blog. Use freely if you think it is


Our son arrived home from Osaka and got acquainted with Rock-ie via Kuma.
Watching him relate to Kuma-a larger abandoned Nihonken and Robin – a Pointer type hunting stray, Rock-ie (newly rescued APBT –type from late May
2010) relaxed and warmed up.

So, on Tuesday, August 24, after a successful time at a camp ground the week
before, we took Kuma and Rock-ie. Robin is elderly and a hunting dog and would
not do well such surroundings. She stayed home with fans on.
The drive was good and the facility easy to find in Yamanakako just near the
west side of the lake.
The hotel is lovely from the outside and I had misgivings. I went in to the
front desk to discuss our dogs using the place. Behind the desk was friendly
pooch who welcomed us and the staff was so friendly and cheerful and helpful.
First time visitors/observers are free. We paid because we wanted to use it
freely. May not have been necessary.
I suggested they make their homepage available in English as many people want
to go there and many ex-pats vacation in that area.
We got a guided tour and they were fine with Kuma and Rock-ie who were on their
best behavior. They loved the place.
Unfortunately, upon entering the pool area, two unleashed large Corgis came
barking at them and cornered them and scared the living daylights out of Kuma
and Rock-ie. They especially went after Kuma who coward and controlled himself,
Rock-ie (whom we have gone out of our way to make sure no instinct of attack is
aroused) was scared out of her wits and didn’t know who to protect Kuma. Neither
of them barked in return. The owners and staff were apologetic and all was okay
but I regret that the day got off to that kind of start. It made Kuma jittery
all day.
We took them into the indoor dog run. It was hot! But, dark and isolated to
they could run freely. Neither dog did. Kuma searched for an escape hatch.
Rock-ie lay down and rested. “Why are we here?” We through balls, frisbies,
bones, and so on. Nope.
Then, two of us rested with Kuma in a quiet area with comfy chairs.
Two took Rock-ie to the gift shop to by shampoo. There, the clerk relaxed
Rock-ie and got her confidence back. Really nice staff!!!
We ate lunch on the wooden deck. The sandwich (700 yen) was pretty good. You
could bring lunch I think. The 2nd floor restaurant was about 1600 yen per meal.
Out of our range for the day.
Then, we tried the outdoor run with no other dogs at all. Again, Kuma tried to
get a running leap over the fence (which is too low for a dog that can jump like
a dingo) but Rock-ie herded him back like a sheep dog!! Eventually, they just
ran and chased and wore off energy. Kuma actually came to me and said he was
tired. Success!! (But would not do it with other dogs in the area after he was
cornered. Disappointment).
We took them to the pool area and they played in the wading pool. Not sure how
people get their dogs used to the real pool. Amazing.
Then we bathed them with shampoo from the gift shop and used the towels freely
and later the coin operated driers in a different room.
A staff member came and took their photos and said she wanted to blog them. The
picture of Kuma she writes makes him look like a crazed wild bear, but he was
just exhausted and really a charming boy she adds. He looks strangled, but that
is just him. He is dramatic.
Rock-ie was just said to be friendly with a lovely smile. That is all I hoped
for, nothing more. I never imagined I’d be taking such a dog to a park!!!
You can see them on the homepage under “STAFF BLOG.”

There was a questionnaire to fill out and I mentioned Angels with Fur and that I
appreciated their welcoming rescued dogs. A trainer is available on Sat and Sun.
But, it must be crowded.

One couple had 2 Rottweillers, 1 Doberman, an APBT, and a Black Lab.
Of course their were also Chihuahuas and Poodles there.

Worth the trip, and the dogs must be crated when sleeping in the rooms which
look lovely. For children, there is nothing to play on and no place to play
ball or frisbee without the dogs so I cannot say that kids would have the best
time their. It is really for the dogs.
If your dog is well-trained and confident and loves to play and obeys, it is a
great place. We will go again, but on a weekday off season.
Thank you all for your support and I wish you all a great end of summer and
ensuing autumn.

from the staff blog with pics of Kuma and Robin:











一緒に来ていたロッキーちゃん も








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