orthopedic surgeon recommendation

Two BIG thumbs for for an orthopedic surgeon:

1) From Sherri on the AWF email Listserve:

On Friday my puppy had surgery for hip dysplasia. The surgery involves removing the head of the femur bone. Through Elizabeth at ARK, we learned of Dr. Yamaguchi at Fabre Animal Medical Center in Osaka (Kadoma area). He is AMAZING and for anyone with a pet that has orthopedic issues I highly recommend him (he only does orthopedics). Our first consultation was about a month ago. He spent an hour with us discussing all aspects of hip dysplasia and the surgical options. He was extremely thorough and encouraged us to contact him with questions as they arose.

On the day of the surgery he asked me to come back in the evening so he could explain how the surgery went. I got to see my groggy dog and hold him as well. Dr. Yamaguchi even gave me the head of the femur that he removed! (additionally, he made two copies of all the xrays and gave me those as well) He invited me back to the cage area so I could see where Cheek would spend the night.

I came back at 8:30 AM the next day to pick Cheek up and Dr. Yamaguchi and his staff showed me how to do the various exercises needed for his rehabilitation.

Dr. Yamaguchi speaks English (he will say it isn’t very good but it is more than enough!). Some of his staff can speak English as well. Thanks to him, Cheek will have a pain free life once his recovery is over. (my local vet told me this was inoperable!– always get a second opinion!)


(He works at the clinic on the left on the second floor. I don’t know what kind of clinic is downstairs or what the other building is)”

2) Beth from the Listserve replied with this:

“I definitely second this recommendation for Fabre Medical Center. When I had a very sick cat who ended up having to be put to sleep, the vet who had taken care of us the most actually came in on her day off so we would have a familar face at that final visit. This was 3 years ago, so I cant remember her name, but I know she had worked with ARK (maybe still does?).

Anyway, it seems like most of the doctors at Fabre are fairly young, are open to different ideas, and don’t mind working with foreigners. One doctor brought out an English veterinary dictionary from the back to show me, just to make sure I understood everything.”


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  1. Top notch blog! I honestly loved it. I actually have browsed a different blogging site in relation to orthopedic clinical practitioners.
    It’s totally worth reading.

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