You can probably see I’m not just an ordinary cat. I was abandoned by my
owner at 9 months old at a private school in Yokohama. There were 23 cats
there for me to win over with my charm. Of course I managed it, but 9 years
later, I found myself being the last male cat left to chase away tanuki and
other pests. I ended up in hospital so many times last year that my two
human lady-friends want me to retire as boss cat, so I’ve been staying with
the vet for months now. I am planning to live for a good 5 or 6 years yet,
maybe longer, and would like to live with you, especially if I can be an
only cat. I love people and would fit into any family, or be great company
for a single. I also love food and weigh in at about 7kgs. I am FIV
positive, but I have no health problems at the moment at all. I’m sure you
can tell I’m house trained and neutered. Please mail my friends ASAP at


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  1. Such a charmer. I love those retired boss cats.

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