Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
Male, one and a half months old

His name is Sencha-chan. It means “tea leaves.” His back is tabby patterned, but his stomach is white. Both his nose and his paw pads are a pretty pink. His head is big, so he will probably grow to be a big cat. Probably because he was bottle-fed and he thinks humans are his parents, he follows them around with tottering steps. He’s charming and playful and a very cute kitten. He’s become friends with my previous cat and the two play together, engrossed in their games.

In Chiyoda-ku, with the cooperation of ward administrators, residents and those working in the area, a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program for stray cats is taking place, called Chiikineko or Neighborhood Cats. We are a volunteer group helping out with this program.
Sencha-chan had been abandoned in a cardboard box near a pedestrian bridge by a JR station in our ward. He was limp and lifeless when we took him into care. It looks like his mother left him shortly after birth. We took him to the vet and the doctor fed him some milk from a bottle. Sencha-chan weakly sucked at it and came back to life. Since then, he has been bottle fed and is getting healthy. We think he will get along fine with both the humans and cats in his new home, so we are currently looking for a foster family.

In addition
He’s had a health check and seems to be in good shape. He was bottle fed, but he has begun eating kitten food. He eats and drinks a lot and uses the bathroom regularly. He’s been washed and he doesn’t have any fleas or other skin parasites. He’s still a bit young, but his checks for feline AIDS and leukemia will take place soon.
We’d like to find a family that wants an indoor cat that they can love and take responsibility for forever. We’d prefer someone in the Tokyo area, but we’ll also consider someone living in the suburbs. He gets along well with other cats, so a home where they already have cats would be fine. Once we’ve met and the placement has been decided, we’ll be happy to bring him to your home in about a month after he has been completely weaned off the bottle. Before then, he’ll have his virus checks, his checks for internal parasites and his vaccinations. At first, he needed a mother’s assistance to use the bathroom, but now he can use it by himself.
As for his sterilization, we would like the foster family to take care of it after he’s been assigned.


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  1. yamatoby

    Contact Akiko Katori if interesting in adopting this angel:

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