Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
Male, about 2 and a half months old

His name is Karu-chan. His fur is a pattern of black and white, but if you look at the black part closely, you can see a pattern of brown and grey stripes. He has pretty white fur on his feet like he’s wearing socks. He’s really adorable with his round eyes and cute nose. Another adorable trait is his tiny meow. In terms of his character, he’s still a little bit timid, but as he gets used to people, they can cuddle him.

In Chiyoda-ku, with the cooperation of ward administrators, residents and those working in the area, a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program for stray cats is taking place, called Chiikineko or Neighborhood Cats. We are a volunteer group helping out with this program.
Karu-chan was born in the space between a tax office, university and life insurance office. His mother was a cat that local people had been looking after and feeding (after the birth, the mother was spayed and became a Neighborhood Cat). Because there was a lot of traffic in that area and they were in danger of being hit by a car, we took her two kittens into care. We are now looking for foster parents.

In Addition
He has had a health check. At the time he was taken into care, his nose and throat were inflamed due to a virus, but after receiving medication, his condition has improved. At the moment, he still sometimes sneezes or has a runny nose. His tests for viruses, feline AIDS and leukemia have all come back negative. He’s also been checked for fleas and other skin and internal parasites. His first vaccinations have also been taken care of. He’s potty trained. We’d like to find a family that wants an indoor cat that they can love and take responsibility for forever. Once we’ve met and the placement has been decided, we’ll be happy to bring him to your home. We’d prefer someone in the Tokyo area, but we’ll also consider someone living in the suburbs. Before rehoming him, we will take care of his second vaccination and his neutering. http://www.chiyoda-nyan.org/


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