Fukui Prefecture, Fukui City [福井県福井市]
Mii-chan is a female about 1 ½ years [猫メス1.5才くらい]
Personality, characteristics [特徴]
Mii is a grey and white tabby with very large eyes. She is usually a very calm and quiet cat. She likes to be cuddled, and she doesn’t scratch or bite.
She has been spayed and passed her health exam, including virus screening.
[避妊、ワクチ ン、ウイルス検査陰性です。]
Why she needs a new family [経緯]
I am trying to help as many of the campus cats as possible—ferals and hard strays. Right now I am keeping Mii-chan and Babe so that they stay healthy and can be adopted. If I can find homes for them, I can then help at least 5 more cats who are suitable for adoption. I will deliver Mii to places outside of Fukui because I want her to have a safe and happy home. And, if she doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you may return her to me. I just want her to have the best life possible from here on in.
[市内のキャンパスに捨てられているところを保護しました。私のところでは既に8匹の捨て猫を保護しているためこれ以上は困難と思い里親になっていただける方 を探しています。]
Sponsor [掲載者]
Charles Jannuzi [チャールズ・ジャヌッツイ]



  1. Mii-chan has found a home. Thanks AwF and Toby for helping her to do that. However, I have several other cats if anyone is interested. Just contact me. I’m trying to continue with finding suitable homes for rescued adult cats and letting the kittens to larger groups. So if you are interested in an adult cat…

    Charles J


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