Location: Fukui-ken, Fukui-shi [福井県福井市]
Male (neutered) [猫オス]  Age 1 year [1歳]

Special characteristics and personality [特徴]:

Babe is a mostly white cat with patches of striped gray. Babe is a bit shy when he first meets someone, but is very affectionate and playful once he knows them. He is a very high energy cat and loves to play. He will play ‘fetch’ with me hours at a time. He has got along well with all the cats he has been paired with, including Pongo, a male cat who is a little older who became his adopted brother for a while. Pongo has found a new family, but Babe is still waiting (and misses Pongo a lot). If an owner thinks that they will be absent for long periods during the day, Babe is the sort of cat who will get bored being left by himself. So he would make a very good male-female cat pair because he gets along well with other cats, and this way he would not get bored if no people are around for hours at a time. In short, Babe loves people and other cats.

You can see him play fetch with me in my office at the youtube links below:

[名前は「ベーブ」と言います。毛色は大分白でちょっとシャイ性格ですが、なれたら、甘えん坊です。]ベーブチャンは、日本の雑種の猫ですけれども、多分オリエンタル種類入ってるから遊び大好きです。たとえば、フェッチ遊ぶのが好き。 フェッチ遊ぶを見られる動画は:]

Babe has been neutered and vaccinated and has passed his health exam. [去勢、ワクチン、ウイルス検査陰性で す。]

Why Babe needs to find a permanent family [経緯]:

I have been trying to help all the feral and stray cats who end up living on my university campus. I can only take in one cat at a time in order to make sure they are healthy, socialized to people, and are ready for adoption. If Babe finds a good family to love and who loves him, I can move on to finding a home for the next candidate. I have found good homes for 10 cats so far. If you decide to adopt Babe and find him unsuitable for any reason, you can return him to me. What is important is he find a good home for the rest of his life.

方 を探しています。]
Other considerations etc.[その他]:

I will be happy to bring Babe to places outside of Fukui Prefecture. That would be places like Toyama, Ishikawa, Gifu, Shiga, Kyoto, and Osaka.


Babe’s sponsor [掲載者]:
Charles Jannuzi
Tel: 0776-27-7102

And here is a link to another good organization, “We Are Feral Cats”:


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