Satoya Boshu – All Japan Adoptions

**satoya boshu is website for use all over Japan. People can use it by
searching the region that they live in, making it convenient to use.

It appears to be quite responsible – requiring spay/neuter for
rehoming of adult animals.

They also are known for having successfully sued an “adopter” who
managed to collect cats from a dozen or so rescuers on the site only
to use them for well, I think the court case never exactly established
what happened to the cats.

But the site posted a warning after that – – – meet the potential
adopter at their house, look at picture ID, make sure the phone number
is correct. And a note from me – don’t accept people saying to you “We
just don’t do those things in Japan”. Responsible Japanese re-homers
do check those things,

Bad things happen – it’s not just a paranoid fear or urban legend.**   -David (Japan Cat Network)


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