Petsitting Connection Japan

When Lene Borup Kimura came to Japan, she noticed that there were no good options for people who wanted their pets to be comfortable while their owners went on vacation. To try to ameliorate this situation, at least in her local area (Yokohama and Tokyo), she started a petsitting service at her house. When Lene’s daughter came into the picture, she had to cut back on the petsitting, but she still felt the need to help the pet-loving community, so she started The Petsitting Connection Service Japan. The PetConnect, as she calls it, pairs pet owners with pet sitters. Most of her connections are made within the greater Tokyo area, but she always welcomes people from outside the capital region. (Perhaps Angels with Fur Japan can pair up with Pet Connection Japan and help Lene start to widen her network! She already has requests for petsitters in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tsukuba. Can you help?)

If you want to offer your services as a petsitter, get in touch with Lene through her website and she will send you an introductory letter explaining the rules of the system. Once you have been accepted as a member, you will start to receive emails from her about owners who are looking for petsitting services. If you are interested in helping the owner, get in touch with Lene. If not, just ignore the email.

If you are looking for a petsitter, please fill out the form on Lene’s website with as much detail as possible about your pet so that Lene can find a good match for your pet’s temperament and needs. Lene will get in touch with you to discuss the details.

Here is an article in Metropolis magazine about Lene and Petsitting Connection Japan.


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  1. Hello from USA
    We have a pet shipping business for the past 43 yrs. Our major problem that you might
    be able to help with is this: We ship many military family pets to Japan and Okinawa
    Due to problems with airlines and connections, etc. we are looking for someone who can intercept pets arriving at Narita and/or Osaka, clear customs, and further deliver probably to All Nippon ANA for further transport to Naha. The arriving airlines usually would be United and Lufthansa. We would have the pet owner contact you directly and negociate price with you. Please help….

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