Dog for Adoption: Daisy

Daisy is desperately in need of a loving family — and quick!


Here is a message from her current owner:

I am hoping you can help me find a good home for my wonderful dog. We (my two sons and I) have a beautiful Shiba mix named Daisy. She’s seven years old. We got her as a pup from a rescue in Yokohama and she has been with us ever since. We have to go back to America suddenly (next week) and there is no way we can take Daisy with us. My mother is old and has emphysema and a severe allergy to dog hair, and I’m basically going home (for the next one to three years) to nurse her. We are trying desperately to find a home for Daisy among our friends but her age and her size – she’s slightly bigger than a pure-bred Shiba – are working against us. She’s a great dog; she loves kids, is trained to relieve herself on a sheet as we have no yard, has a slight problem with jumping for excitement in initial greetings but is otherwise very well-behaved. She sleeps on my son’s futon until I come up for bed and then on mine until she does her guard rounds. She is alert to strangers outside, but welcoming to all guests in our home. She is used to being on her own during the day as I work full time, but is a great companion for the boys when they come home from school. We love Daisy so much, and it is tearing us up that we can’t bring her with us. I promised my boys that I would find a good home for her where she’ll be happy. Can you help us at all?

If you are able to give Daisy a new, loving home, please contact Angels with Fur Japan.

Ed’s Note: The email address that we have for Daisy’s owners no longer works, so we cannot contact them. We sure hope Daisy found a new home before they left!



  1. dasisy

    i want to see her if possible.
    ginger jr

  2. Nana Kurosaki

    My mother in Tokyo is very interested in adopting Daisey. please email me a phone number that will help us get in touch with the people responsible for this adoption. Thanks!

  3. Sorry to the above two posters. I have tried to get in touch with Daisy’s owner, but I have not had any success. The address that the family was using was a Japan-based ISP address, so it is no longer functioning. Let’s hope Daisy was able to find a new home before they left.

    There are lots of other dogs who are desperately in need of new homes, so please browse the site and let me know if you see any others that you are interested in.

    Best regards,

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