Pet Sitters in Japan

From the Angels with Fur Japan mailing list:


Can anyone please tell me if there are pet-sitting businesses in Japan? If so, do you know how much they would cost?

We have PetSmart over here in the US that has daycare services for pets and a pet hotel for them when you need to go out of town — they feed/water them, clean their kitty condos and play with them daily. Are there any services like that in Japan?

Answer 1

The Angels with Fur Japan mailing list has a pet-sitters/dog walkers database you can look at. (You must be a member of the list to view the database.)

Answer 2

We found our cat-sitter through the Japan Pet Sitter Service website.

It’s all in Japanese, so it depends on your fluency. We were able
to do a search on the website and find a pet sitter locally. Then we called her and set up an appointment to meet with her and introduce our “kids”.

I don’t know if they have a set pricing system or if it varies, but we paid 3780 yen for one day – for 3 cats (feeding, cleaning up, playing, etc.), plus the transportation fee and a small extra percentage for being during a busy holiday time. She writes reports for each day she comes over, so we know if one of the “kids” didn’t eat so much or threw up or whatnot.

Answer 3

I use Kitty Smile for our cats. She comes in to feed, play and clean up, including daily kitty report/pix via email. I’ve been using her services for 3 years now and very happy with her. She charges about 2,500 per day/one visit. She provides discounts for multiple cats and multiple days. We have 4 cats and normally pay about 3,000 yen per day.


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