Cats for Adoption: Risha, Sundance, Dillon

Sadia has been fostering these three kittens who are now ready for a new home.

A black female about 5 months old. Sister of Sundance and Dillon. She is the smallest of the litter, but the most intelligent, inquisitive, and playful. She loves to play with long fuzzy ribbons and feathered toys, but give her anything and she will make up a game. She will let me hold her or pet her when it suits her mood. If not, she scampers away.


All orange male about 5 months old. Brother of Risha and Dillon. Sudance is always the sidekick. He loves to hang out with my 2 year old tabby, Aziz. Aziz is like his big brother or favorite uncle. Sundance will let me pet him just a little when he is eating or if he is sleepy. We are making progress, but he is not yet tame enough to hold. He loves chasing and playing with toy mice and also long ribbons or feathers.

SundanceSundance and Risha

Orange and white male, about 5 months old. Dillon is the “too cool for school boy”. He prefers to hang out by himself and watch what is going on. He still hisses at me occasionally, but it is just out of habit now. He doesn’t mean it at all. He eats out of my hand and he will let me pet him while he is eating. He plays with me and will come to sit near me, but just out of arm’s reach. He nibbles my toes or fingers when I am sleeping or sitting very quietly. Like his brother Sundance, Dillon does not want to be held at all — at least not yet. His favorite toys are mice and soft fuzzy balls.


The mother of these kittens is a dark Calico — mostly brownish black and orange. The father is white with gray spots and clear green eyes. Dillion looks a lot like him. Dillon will be a big cat like his father. Risha will probably always be small, like her mother. Both the mother and the father are neighborhood cats who live outside my apartment somewhere.

I caught the kittens when they were about 3 months old. They were very wild at first, but they have come a long way and now I think they need to go to a loving home before they become too attached to me and me to them.

With patience, love, and lots of attention, they will become more and more domesticated. They may never be lap cats. They may never let you hold them in your arms like a baby, but they are all beautiful in their own way and they will give you a lot of joy.

It would be great if Risha and Sundance could be adopted together. They love each other so much. Dillon is self-sufficient, but he also likes playing with my other cat Aziz, so I think he would be fine with other cats as well.

Please contact Angels with Fur Japan if you are interested in adopting any (or ALL!) of these kittens.



  1. Sadia

    Say Congratulations! Dillon, Risha, and Sundance all have new loving homes! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Shaney

    Wow! Wonderful news! Thank you for letting us know! I am so happy for you and the kitties.

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