Success Story: Helen

The Japan Times and Tokyo ARK have given Angels with Fur kind permission to reprint notices regarding pet adoptions (see: potential pets who have been featured on the Angels with Fur site). In addition to requests for adoption, they also publish success stories about pets who find new homes. Here is the latest success story.


Maron, formerly Helen, was featured here in October. The long-haired dachshund was able to be rescued from the impoverished conditions of a puppy mill, where she and others were kept in cages barely large enough to move around in, where they lived out their lives without being washed, exercised or given any sort of veterinary care. After her rescue, Maron’s plight came to the attention of the Maruyama family of Yokohama. Now she spends her days discovering the wonders of walks, cuddles by Ryuya (left) and Airi, tasty treats and the joy of freely socializing with three other dogs at the Maruyamas, including another dachshund being fostered by the family. Maron, a swift learner, has learned simple commands such as ‘‘come,’’ ‘‘sit,’’ and ‘‘stay.’’ We at The Japan Times and ARK extend a most heartfelt thank-you to the Maruyamas for giving a dog whose days were bleak at best a new life amid the warmth, love and freedom of their family.

Originally published in the Japan Times on Saturday, January 3, 2008. Photo by Noriko Maruyama.

Interested in Adopting a Pet?

Please email ARK at tokyoark[at] or call 080-6146-3889 (English) or 080-6517-8913 (Japanese). Tokyo ARK is a nonprofit organization founded by Brit Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. Prospective new owners undergo a screening process.

The Japan Times supports stray and abandoned animals by publishing this photo box every Saturday in the Weekend/People section of the paper. The information is then archived here on the Angels with Fur site one week later, on the following Saturday.

See also: Other potential pets who have been featured on the Angels with Fur site


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