Dogs and Cats for Adoption in Japan

Angels with Fur Japan is now working with groups like Tokyo ARK and Japan Cat Network to display photos of dogs and cats who are up for adoption in Japan. Please see the sidebar for a collection of photos of the pets who have yet to find homes. Click on “more photos” to see the full collection. Please contact us or leave a comment if you are interested in adopting a pet in Japan and we will put you in touch with a reputable shelter in your area. There are lots of pets in need of good homes, so even if you don’t see your new pet in the photos, please get in touch.

Please spread the word about this service by telling your friends and linking to this page on your blog so more people become aware of the possibility of adopting pets in Japan instead of buying them at pet stores. (You can also follow our posts on Facebook.)



  1. Diana Izumy Omuku

    Greetings, I live in Saitama Ken, Kazo shi. I live with my husband and our 9 years old son, I don´t work and I´m interested in adopting a dog, I have spare time to take good care of it.

  2. Hello Diana,

    Thank you for your comment. I have sent you an email about getting in touch with Tokyo ARK. I hope you are able to find a lovely dog to join your family!


  3. Stephanie

    I was visiting your website and my family and I are interested in adopting a cat or dog. We are military and are new to Japan. We will be having our own home soon in the Atsugi area and are wondering if there is an adoption place close by to us. I thank you for all that you are doing to help these animals. Stephanie Estrada

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for getting in touch. I have sent you a private email about getting in touch with Tokyo ARK. I am sure they will be able to find a nice dog or cat for your family.


  5. maria baltazar

    hi,we are filipino family living in saitama,we would like to adopt a dog preferably small breeds.thank you

  6. Hi Maria,

    I have forwarded your contact information to Tokyo ARK. They will be getting in touch with you soon. I hope you can find a nice, small dog for your family!


  7. Gail Anderson

    My husband and I recently lost our beloved poodle and are looking for a dog. I am home during the day and we are lonely for the companionship of a small fur child. We live in Ebina. Thank you

  8. Nana Kurosaki

    I am trying to contact someone who knows how to get in touch with the whereabouts of the Shiba-mix, Daisey, who is looking for a home. My mother in Tokyo is very interested in adopting Daisey. She and I have been sending emails to Tokyo Ark and have not gotten a response. I would like to know the contact number for Tokyo dog adoptions, in particular, Daisey.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Gail and Nana,

    I have sent both of you private emails with information on how to contact Tokyo ARK. Thank you!

  10. WinterBorn

    Hi i live in saitama and we’re looking for a tame cat to be a companion to our kitten preferable one that doesnt mind being held….thanks in advance =)

  11. Divya

    My Husband and me are keen dog lovers.Have been looking for any Dogs available for adoption.We live in Kawasaki and would even want to know the rules and regulations regarding pet adoption in Japan.Wish to hear soon from you!

  12. PJ

    I need to put my dog up for adoption as I might be forced to leave Japan, he is a 1.5 year old chichiuaua. Great dog, very friendly and loves other dogs.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me asap.

    • Allain sivs monforte

      Hi pj i might be able to take care of ur pet dog..i love dogs and im finding a dog to adopt if u want ill take care of him:)

  13. liza

    hi,i now live in fukui-ken,fukui-shi.i would like to adopt a cat..preferably a there any adoption center near by that you can recommend me?

    • Andrea

      Ola Liza!Estou doando minha gata:ela tem 6 anos,porte:medio,rajada cinza e branco,castrada,nao é gato de rua:sempre viveu dentro de casa.Vou para o BR e por falta de grana e tempo nao vai dar para leva-la!Moro em Gunma-Maebashi.


    I am very interested in adopting a pet from the japan crises, could you please send me info on how i can do this thx so much and god bless.

  15. camus

    I’m finding it very hard to adopt a rescue dog in Japan ..can anyone tell me why? thanks.

  16. Macubex

    Cause why read in new cnn channel because in nation in japan and the pets who need to adopt cant allow in usa one thing rescue need to confirm the pet in the owners and its japan property >.>

  17. I live in a roomy home, large back yard fenced in, have three cats and three dogs, all rescue animals. I am willing to adopt a dog or cat from Japan and look froward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Ma.Teresa Kobayashi

      Hi..i am not sure if you can read this..i am desperately looking for someone who can give a home for these 3 cats(mother cat and 2 kittens) ,they were stray cats but tame and sweet.I would love to have them in my place but i already have a rescued dog,my daughter have an allergy to cats and i dont have a place anymore for these cats,they stay outside..i am worrying about some neighbors who might complain later about the cat’s presence and i cant do anything about it aside from finding someone who is willing to give a home for these poor creatures.

  18. anju jones

    my name is anju and im desperately looking for an english cocker spaniel to adopt. my husband retired this year. he;s quite and unsociable ….im pretty sure he’ll love the company of this breed of dog.

  19. amanda hashimoto

    oi moro em aichi ken toyota e gostaria de saber se voces sabem de alguem que tem filhotes de cachorro de porte pequeno para adotar e que meu filho me pede direto um cachorrinho…..onegai quem souber entrar em contato comigo email obrigada

  20. Last year I picked up a stray kitten and took him in, thinking I could offer him a home for a long time. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have to return to the US and will be unable to take him. His name is Bento (since I found him at a bento store). He is 1 year old, very loving, but also very active and would probably benefit from being an in-door, out-door cat. Would anyone be interested in adopting?

  21. Mark

    Hi i want to adopt a dog. I live in koiwa tokyo. Id prefer small dogs because i only have small house here. I have spare time to take good care of it.

    • folum

      hi i saw your mail and being a breeder in animals insects and birds i am presently in cameroon for a research programme so if you are interested contacct me tel 0023779163429 ok have a nice day

  22. dhelia

    im living in kawachigun kaminokawa machi..and id like to adopt cat….ive got 2 dogs yorkshirre n golden…n i love too much cats too..i have one kitty before that ive seen in my backyard n gave him name kitty…one day asual i always let them out till 5pm w/my puffy coz theyll play together as one family…and one day i cant see kitty anymore..i miss n i love him..if u do a favor 4me please i want to adopt even one kitty…..ill promise ill take good care ……thanks…….matsushimadhelia

  23. Jessica

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to adopt a dog from Japan to Canada?

  24. eva jane otacan

    Hi im a filipina live in ota japan..can you this cat outside in my apartment?he really want to have a home

    • eva jane otacan

      Is anyone OUTHERE have a pureheart to help and adopt a cat needs a loving home? I really want to help this cat but i have also 1 cat in my apartmment and the owner did not allow me to have 2 cats inside,is there any animal welfare organization that can help this cat?he really need a held ,

  25. Mason Mackean


    I live in Ibaraki (close to Chiba and Saitama) and hope there is somebody looking for a cat to adopt. A very loving cat that loves the outdoors. Unfortunately, my neighbors don’t feel the same way which has grown into a very difficult situation for me. I really love my cat but at this point the most loving thing I can do you him is find a better home where he can have a better life. He originally was an abandoned cat, fixed, good health, and 8 years old.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you



  26. Kazzi

    Hi, My husband and I have been in Yokosuka for a while now, and we’re interested in a cat. Any help and information would be great. Thanks!

  27. arturo almazan

    hi,we are filipino family living in osaka shimanouchi,we would like to adopt a small breed of dog.yorushiku onigayshimasu this is our no.09066047953

  28. jane maranon

    hi im jane live in ootaku ikegami tokyo, i have my family here but im living alone in my own apartment and i want to adopt puppies, coz i love to have puppies..

  29. John

    Hello! My name is John and I live in Saitama, Tokorozawa. I`m intersted in adopting a cat. I don`t have kids so this would be my child in a sense. I`d appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thank you.. John

  30. Richard lorenzo

    Hello my name is richard and i live in gunma ,kiryu i wanna adopt a dog i love dogs pls can you help to adopt one

  31. Allain sivs monforte

    Im from chiba..and im interested of adopting a dog big or small…i just want a loving’s my contact no:07050201659
    Thank you:)xoxo

  32. Greeting, i live in ichikawa shi. Im interested adopting a dog preferably small breed. Thank you

  33. Hello! My wife and I run an English conversation school out of our home in Kanagawa, Japan. We have 3 young children and are very interested in adopting a dog. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated! We are in the Shonan area (Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Fujisawa, etc) of Japan.


  34. crisol

    hi..we are willing to adopt a dog were in nagoya japan can i adopt a dog? plz help..tnx

  35. Shelley

    My partner and I are living in Nagano and we would love to adopt a cat. Please help! Thanks!

  36. Hi there! I’m from Toyohashi and I would like to adopt a cat.

  37. Mindy Denney

    Greetings! We have a large home with a fenced in backyard…in need of a large mix breed puppy. We live in Ayasi-shi and would love help to bring a puppy into our loving home.

  38. John misei isoguchi

    I want to adopt a dog,,, i dont care even its a boy or a girl

  39. Reychelle rivera

    Hi we live in yamanashi ken, me and my brother wants to adopt a dog. Preferably small type one since are home is not that big 🙂 thanks!

  40. michelle carreon

    im living in aichi ken toyohashi shi, my son and my family wants to adopt a dog , we want another family member! please help us

  41. Akaneh iwata

    Hello.. I live in sado city Niigata.. I am looking forward to adopt a dog a small breed dog… I live with my husband we don’t have kind..

  42. Janet Uchida

    Hello, I live in Nagano City with my husband. Our children moved out of the house many years ago. We are both in our sixties and I especially am finding that I feel lonely and would love tomadopt a cat to take care of and to keep each other company. We previously had a golden retriever whom we loved dearly but sadly she died at the age of 5 from cancer. My husband is near retirement and I have a lot of free time each day so a cat would not be neglected at all. We both love animals.

  43. Len matsui

    hi,i’am filipina living in saitama,i would like to adopt a cat .thank you.

  44. Diego Sarito

    Hi Im my name is Diego and I live at Murakami danchi. I want to adopt a small breed of dog.

  45. Kikue Kaihara

    Hello my name is Kikue, I live in Toyohashi Shi and I would love to adopt a cat. Thank you very much.

  46. Mark

    I would like to adopt a ferret, if you had any information please I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you..

    • Catherine

      Hi, this is for the kitten lovers,
      Our lovely Bengal Girl got new litters of 8 kittens, 5 females and 3 males.
      They are now 12 weeks and set to go. They are up to date with shots and vaccines.
      Our kittens range from ¥35.000-¥40.000, male and female.
      Please for more information, Send me an email on>>…

  47. Shweta Verleker

    My husband and I are interested in adopting a cat, can you please tell me the details.


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