Success Story: Linus

The Japan Times and Tokyo ARK have given Angels with Fur kind permission to reprint notices regarding pet adoptions (see: potential pets who have been featured on the Angels with Fur site). In addition to requests for adoption, they also publish success stories about pets who find new homes. Here is the latest success story.


Linus, featured in the Japan Times in February, had been abandoned in the mountains behind the ARK shelter. Luckily, he was found. Linus has now been adopted by the Carpenter family of Tokyo. The Carpenters, in the spirit of fun, submitted two letters to ARK, one “written” by the cat, the other by his new family.

Hi there ARK,
I had some free time on my paws so I thought I would drop you a line about my new home. After that airplane ride up to Tokyo in a cramped cage, I arrived at Richard’s and Hitomi’s new home. I know them as “Richard” and “Obaachan” and they are real nice to me.

At first Obaachan kinda stood to the side but I made friends with Richard real fast as he is my “food guy” so much so that I always
have to wake him up at 5:30 a.m. with loud meows in his ear in order to feed me!!

I know they were told not to feed me too much, but I gained a little weight in these two months. Richard is always measuring out how much to give me; I just wish he would give me more!

The other day, the sakanaya-san brought over some kani kamaboko and I went nuts over that. Obaachan then hid it in the fridge and now every time she opens up the door, I rush over and look up and meow and meow hoping that she will give me some but there is no more.

Life is so much better in Tokyo than it was at ARK — sorry, no offense — but I have the Tokyo house to myself and I have three chairs that I can call my own but I just love sitting and sleeping on the wide windowsill upstairs while Richard is working at his computer.

My life is joyful and peaceful and after breakfast and before Richard goes out to work, he always gives me a morning scratch on my belly and back. I just so love that. I am in heaven. And I often sit on the windowsill swiveling my head watching the small birdies flit by.

Obaachan talks to me constantly — I don’t know what she is saying but her tone is always nice and soothing and I like that too. Sometimes she has to feed me and I always know that she will add a little extra.

So thank you there everybody at ARK for taking care of me while I stayed there but I think I will hang out here in Tokyo for
awhile. Say hello to everybody for me.

Bye and love,

Dear ARK,
While the above was written by Linus, we thought that you might also want to hear the other side of the story from us.

After his arrival here, it did take a few days for him to settle down and he “glommed” onto me immediately.

It took a little longer for him and Obaachan to form a relationship but now my wife talks to him and treats him as though he were a grandson! Linus is now part of her life as he is part of mine.

I have often read that cats find their owners and not the other way around. Truthfully, we must say that he has been a real joy and a nice addition to our lives. As I guess you can appreciate, bringing a new member into a household requires adjustment on both sides.

Cat hair is now part and parcel of our lives and I am constantly vacuuming, but that is a small inconvenience.

Also, Linus is not used to strangers and he always runs and hides whenever the door bell rings. However, he is a clean cat and house-broken and is always snuggling up to us and rubbing against us.

Keeping constant watch on how much he eats is an ongoing effort, however. If he had his way, he would be eating five times a day and would have gained who knows how many kilograms!

Despite his penchant for eating, Linus is such a lovable cat that I have often wondered why someone could have abandoned him.

I would like to encourage readers of The Japan Times to consider adopting a pet from ARK — they are wonderful, kind and caring people.

With best wishes,
Richard Carpenter

(Photo by Richard Carpenter)

Interested in Adopting a Pet?

Please email ARK at tokyoark[at] or call 080-6146-3889 (English) or 080-6517-8913 (Japanese). Tokyo ARK is a nonprofit organization founded by Brit Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. Prospective new owners undergo a screening process.

The Japan Times supports stray and abandoned animals by publishing this photo box every Saturday in the Weekend/People section of the paper. The information is then archived here on the Angels with Fur site one week later, on the following Saturday.

See also: Other potential pets who have been featured on the Angels with Fur site


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