Inbreeding Problem in Japan’s Pet Industry

Is there any way to stop this insanity?

Care for a Chihuahua with a blue hue?

Or how about a teacup poodle so tiny it will fit into a purse — the canine equivalent of a bonsai?

The Japanese sure do.

Rare dogs are highly prized here, and can set buyers back more than $10,000. But the real problem is what often arrives in the same litter: genetically defective sister and brother puppies born with missing paws or faces lacking eyes and a nose.

Read the full article: Japan, Home of the Cute and Inbred Dog (New York Times)

I find it highly offensive when I hear about animals being sold for thousands of dollars, especially in a country that kills an average of 438 dogs and 658 cats PER DAY. Why is there not better advertising done by the authorities to find homes for these deserving animals? I think this is a serious problem with public education. How could anyone spend $10,000 on a pet when there are millions crying out for homes, and they can be had for free? Is it because they are free that they are not valued? Do people need to spend huge amounts of money in order to distance themselves from the stray animals that they see on the streets? I confess I will never understand this trend. I wish I could find a way to make a positive change in this regard in Japan. The language and cultural barriers make it tricky.

What we need is a Japanese version of “Bob Barker” to come forth and be the voice of animals in Japan. Bob Barker is a famous American game show host who ended every show with a reminder to have pets spayed or neutered to help control the pet population. If we could get a major Japanese artist to speak out regularly on behalf of pets in Japan, perhaps we could start to effect some change in this regard. Does anyone have any connections with major stars in Japan? (Someone like Tamori with a regular show and a big following would be perfect.) Or any better ideas?


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