A Talking Pet Food Bowl!

This bowl talks to your pet — in your own voice!

Have you found that your pet simply will not eat when you are away from home? Many animals that are used to having their caretakers near them regularly can suffer from separation anxiety. With this little gizmo your cat or dog will be able to hear your voice as it eats, making it feel more comfortable with its surroundings. The ChatterBowl will play a recording of your voice when the sensor detects an animal eating from it based on the amount of light changing.

Not much to look at, but the ChatterBowl can be used as either a water bowl or for feeding your pet. It can be easily cleaned by simply removing the talk-box and washing the bowl. You can also wash the talk-box itself using cold water with nothing abrasive or harsh being used. Make your pet happy today!

Source: Gotta Have It: A Talking Pet Bowl


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