Nice Kitty. No Jumping!

One of the Angels with Fur members pointed out a new device that is supposed to deter your cat from jumping.

Backyard Cat is a simple, safe & effective training system to teach your cat acceptable jumping behavior.


Backyard Cat works by disturbing your cat’s balance when attempting to jump. Backyard Cat takes the recreation out of jumping. The entire Backyard Cat device, including the cable, weighs about one pound.

This device is certain to be controversial. Cats don’t generally weigh that much, so forcing them to carry around a one-pound weight seems rather cruel. But others insist that it is better than the alternative of pet cats escaping their backyards and becoming lost or impounded.

The Wired Blog weighs in heavily against this method, but the comments show that not everyone agrees with their take. What do you think?


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  1. Jackson

    Although I haven’t actually tried the product yet, my thoughts are that under the proper circumstances, this could be a great device. Improper circumstances would be a location with coyotes and/or other predators especially if the cat doesn’t have an escape cat door to get inside the house and out of harms way. I look at this much like boots for your dog which they hate in the beginning but get used to and protect their paws from toxic chemicals which they would then lick off their paws. An initial thumbs up from me but I reserve the right to change my mind after actually testing it.

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