Heart Tokushima Needs Our Help: Anan Dog Rescue

Susan Mercer, from Heart Tokushima asked Angels with Fur to post the following information.


Two women in Anan (阿南), Tokushima kept 48 dogs tied up on the side of a mountain. The dogs were in poor health and the conditions that they were being kept in were not humane. The two women, both in their 50s, fed the dogs, but did not clean up their waste or attend to their medical needs. The women have now been asked to leave the property. What will happen to the dogs?

Anan Dogs Rescue

HEART, a nonprofit animal protection organization in Tokushima Prefecture run by Susan Mercer, has been informed of the situation and is trying to deal with this case. On November 26, 2007, HEART members visited the home and were able to take custody of two puppies and one adult dog. The adult dog was given immediate medical attention, and it was found that she had an advanced case of heartworm (filaria). While she received treatment (3 litres of abdominal fluid were drained from her abdomen), she may still have to be euthanized due to the severity of her case. Heartworm is an infectious disease and the dogs who remain in the care of the two women are highly susceptible to contracting it. The women did not inoculate the dogs against heartworm or rabies, despite their obligation to do so under the Rabies Prevention Law.

The women are reportedly reluctant to give up the animals, but HEART is trying to find a way to solve this situation. Since they found out about the problem in November, they have rescued ten dogs and obtained land on which they can shelter the rest of the dogs. Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK) has offered to help them construct a building that would be big enough to house so many animals.

Anan Dogs Rescue

HEART needs our help to fix this situation. They are accepting donations of money and/or items and would be very grateful for our immediate help in this matter as the dogs need to be taken out of their current environment and given treatment against heartworm as soon as possible. (Heartworm is highly contagious so the other dogs have a very high chance of having contracted it. However, it is treatable, and the earlier they treat it, the better the chance of recovery.)

Here’s how we can help:

Donating Money

Donations in Japan

Transfer your donation to:
Account name: Anan Dogs Rescue Fund
Account number: 1162690
Bank: Awa Bank, Ihoku branch

Donations from Outside Japan

Send donations to our PayPal account:

Or send a Japanese money order or international money order

Donating Items

HEART can make use of any of the following items.

dog food, stainless food bowls, blankets, collars, leads, grooming brushes, vinyl poop bags, dog muzzles, bleach, yard brushes, metal buckets, antiseptic soap, sponges, wash clothes, towels

If you can donate any of these items, please call HEART at 088-635-5558 or email susan[AT]heart-tokushima.com to arrange for drop off or pick up.


Read more about this issue:

Anan Dogs Rescue Fund
Anan Dogs Update



  1. shadows

    We must protect the dog,because the dog are friends that we trusted the most. I enjoyed reading your blog,thanks for visiting my blog also.

  2. Deva Joy Gouss

    i want to help the animals in Japan. Who is doing the most to help the animals from the earthquake and tsunami?

  3. sandra

    I, too, would like to help and I’d like to know where my monies can do the most good for animal search and rescue.
    Thank you

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