Dog for Adoption: Haru


Haru, a wirehaired dachshund, has a creamy silver coat that is anything but wiry. It is silky smooth. Haru was left at ARK along with is parents when his not-so-foresighted breeders realized, after having bred the older dogs to make money, that they couldn’t afford to care for them. Haru is 5 years old and in good health and has proven to be excellent with children. He also gets along with both big and little dogs alike. Haru loves being around people and would be an easy dog to care for in Tokyo. Unlike many of ARK animals, he and his parents are in Tokyo. Prospective owners in the area can easily meet Haru or the whole family.

Update: Haru has been adopted!

Interested in Adopting a Pet?

Please email ARK at or call 080-6146-3889 (English) or 080-6517-8913 (Japanese). Tokyo ARK is a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.

*With permission to reprint from the Japan Times.

The Japan Times supports stray and abandoned animals by editing and printing this photo box every Saturday in the Weekend/People section of the paper.

Photo by Yoko Miyao

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