Must Watch: Animal Games

Hi, all. I’ve just noticed this listing in today’s TV log. Sorry this is such short notice, but maybe some of you will be able to see or tape this terrific BBC animal program at noon today on the Animal Planet channel. (It has also popped up on other channels.)

“Animal Games” is a (simulated) Olympic Games for the animal kingdom. They have animals from five different groups — the Mammals, the “Herpetiles”, the Birds, the Fish, the Insects) competing in five or six different events (long jump, high jump, weight-lifting, etc.) on an even basis.

The “even basis” is arrived at by using a fixed measure for human height and the highest level (for example, 10 meters) ever attained by a human in that event. Then they scale up or scale down the challenge to the individual animal. For example, a human’s greatest weight-lift achievement was something like 544 lbs, so the challenger for the stag beetle was 544,000 lbs!

The graphics are outstanding; everything looks so real! And the sports results — reported by two excited announcers in typical sports style, with background info as well — are really astounding.

By all means, try to catch and/or tape this show! It’s really sensational!

(If you miss the show, you might be able to order it from the BBC website, but I am not sure about whether they will ship to Japan, or whether you would be able to watch it on your Japanese DVD.)


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