Hot Pad for Your Pet

The Ekinet Train Shop (affiliated with JR East) sells a hot pad that is perfect for pets (especially heat-seeking cats). In fact, this pad is now being marked as a “leg warmer”, but when I bought mine from this site, it was listed as a “pet pad”. The pad uses “certified space technology” (or at least, that is what it says on the embroidered label on the pad) to keep your pet warm without electricity. I am not sure how it works, exactly, but when your pet lies down on the pad, their own body heat warms the pad up (just in the part where they are lying) and keeps them warm.

My cat LOVES her pad. I put a light blanket over it so that I can wash the blanket when the cat hair builds up. I feel better when I leave her alone in my unheated apartment during the daytime now that she has a little self-heated place to sleep. I was sceptical about buying it at first, but it I’m glad that I did because it definitely does work, and my cat really seems to like it.


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