Book: The Cat Who Covered The World

One of our members recommends the book The Cat Who Covered The World: The Adventures Of Henrietta And Her Foreign Correspondent. (Also available through

From the Amazon review:

Christopher Wren belonged to Henrietta the cat, and Christopher Wren travels far and wide in his work as a foreign news correspondent. Of course Henrietta insisted on being brought along to Moscow, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, and all the other cities the Wrens visited. And of course Henrietta got into all sorts of scrapes — cats can cause enough trouble right in their own living rooms! The Cat Who Covered the World is a tremendously entertaining memoir and travelogue, covering 17 years in the life of a busy cat and her accommodating family.


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  1. Laura W

    I found that book at the one and only library in Fillmore, CA. Lucky me, cos it was a wonderful read. Mr. Wren writes with such a fondness, respect and affection for Henrietta as a member of the family who she (and the author) belongs to and clearly loves.

    It even became a tear-jerker towards the end and the very last sentence sums up everything I love about cats – the ones I personally know (or _think_ I know), the ones I don’t know but love too – and cats like Henrietta who represent all the “gallant” qualities of feline adventure!

    I must add that Babura and Kia – my gallant pair – are no strangers to world travel now that they have made the Pacific Crossing from Tokyo to California, USA. And they are managing/thriving just as beautifully as Henrietta.

    What a gem of a book to find at my local public library.

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