Financial Assistance for Spaying/Neutering Cats and Dogs

Many cities and towns in Japan have a policy of subsidizing the costs of having cats and dogs spayed or neutered. The city often sets aside a certain amount of money for this sort of subsidization per year and then when the money runs out, they stop providing the subsidies. If your pet needs this kind of operation, be sure to contact your city government to find out if it offers something like this. Also, you might want to do it earlier in the fiscal year (in the months following April) rather than later so that you have a chance of benefiting from the subsidy.

Here is an example of one such program in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. (It is the latest post on the page, so it is currently right at the bottom. If you can’t find it, use the “search” function in your browser to find occurrences of “Adachi-ku”.)

I know that Tsukuba, Ibaraki also offers this kind of subsidy, but I recently read that the funding is running out for this year, so if you want to take advantage of this program, contact the City Hall soon!



  1. Martin

    Hello All,
    In the original article written by Tara, she stated it was for Cats and not dogs. Is this really available for dogs (primarily in Tsukuba), if so, what would be the forms that I need?
    Your help is greatly appreciated!!

  2. The subsidy is available for both cats and dogs in Tsukuba. The City will pay 4000 yen towards spaying females (避妊) and 3000 yen towards neutering males (去勢).

    However, there was a message on the Tsukuba City Hall website on November 8, 2007 saying that the funds are running low for this year and that people who want to take advantage of the subsidy should call 029-836-1111 extension 8247 to find out if the funds are still available before arranging for the operation.

    Just FYI, the funds ran out in January last year, so there might still be a chance that some money is still available.

    Please see the 2007 application form (in Japanese) for Tsukuba residents.

  3. Pamela Stewart

    Please let me know a very reasonable vet for me to neuter our male kitten.We live in Akasaka.The vet around this area is very dear.At what age is recommended.He is 6 months old now.Thank you for your kind help.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. mewpudding101

    I’m living in Kita-ku, Ouji in Tokyo. I’m planning to get a cute toy poodle next month. I was wondering where I would be able to get my dog spayed? And how to ask for it? And how much it’ll cost? I’ve heard that the spaying neutering thing is kind of taboo?

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