Good Morning Kitty

Is this what mornings are like in your house? (<– Click to watch an animated video.)

My cat has a cat door and she always has dry food in her dish, so she is usually pretty good about letting me sleep in the mornings. However, occasionally, she will get it into her head that I need to be awake to witness her eating in the morning. In this case, her favourite tricks are:

1. Trying to pull down the kakejiku (hanging scroll) that is just above the head of my futon.
2. Knocking small objects off my desk or toiletry area.
3. Lying on my chest until it becomes difficult for me to breathe.

I think this is pretty standard cat behaviour. Does your cat have a special way of saying “good morning” to you?



  1. That was hilarious!

    My guys are pretty amazing. If they wake up before I do, they sit or
    lie and wait for me to wake up. Sometimes I’ll open an eye and see
    them watching me. Then when they can see that I’m awake, Mac struts
    over (that’s the best description of his walk) for our morning hug.

    Sometimes at night, though, they’re not ready to sleep when I am.
    That’s when they’ll decide it’s a good idea to jump on me or
    “accidentally” run over me as they’re chasing each other.

  2. The linked video is no longer available. Boo… 😦

  3. I just watched it. Try clicking on the link again and let me know if you can see it now. Maybe the site was too busy when you tried to watch it. I have seen this video on a huge number of websites lately, so it is probably getting a lot of traffic.

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