Veterinarians in Osaka

Here is a recommendation for a veterinarian in Osaka.

Fabre Doubutsu Iryou Center
Osaka-fu, Kadoma-shi, Minami Noguchi-machi 512-3
Tel: 072-887-2525


Comment from Aw/F member:

It’s difficult to access without a car, but not impossible, depending on what kind of animal you’re bringing! The best thing is that they are open on weekends and holidays. All the doctors I met were very friendly, wonderful with the animals, and tried their best to communicate with me with my limited medical Japanese. One of the doctors works at ARK, so I think that’s a decent recommendation too.


Any others to recommend in Osaka or other areas of Japan? Please list them in the comments or post to our mailing list.


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  1. I answered a similar question recently on
    I’ve cut and pasted my answer from before below. I’ve also included some extra info (URL and contact details).

    Lion Animal Hospital (らいおん動物病院 in Japanese) is a clinic that opened on June 30th 2007. It is located between Kobe and Osaka (near JR Settsu-Motoyama / 摂津本山 station and Hankyu Okamoto / 岡本 station). If you want to get to the place by car, its on the Yamate Kansen and it is also close to Route 2.

    The URL for the English site

    The URL for the Japanese site

    Their phone number is…

    They are open everyday except Thursdays. They are only open for half a day on Sundays.

    I personally know the owner and main doctor and she speaks English fluently. Some of the reception staff are now receiving English lessons but they are still beginners. Just ask to talk to ‘Dr Yamada’ – she is the doctor that speaks English fluently.

    Dr. Naoko Yamada (owner of らいおん動物病院)

    Here is the link where I provided my previous answer

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