Crisis at an Animal Shelter in Korea

Angels with Fur is mainly concerned with animals in Japan, but since animal welfare is an issue that needs as much publicity as it can get, we will make exceptions in some cases. The issue below involves a shelter in Korea. If you can offer any advice, please join the Aw/F mailing list or leave your ideas in the comments.


A local animal rescue group in Daejeon, Korea has been organizing regular visits to a dog shelter, which now has to close because of a zoning violation of some sort. Volunteers have been negotiating with the city for more time, but time is running out and the shelter is scheduled to close at the end of October. The animals who don’t find adoptive or foster homes will end up in pounds.

Can anyone help, or suggest possible solutions? There are some really good volunteers doing what they can by putting up posters, providing foster care and working with local vets – but they still need to find a lot more foster homes.

For more information, please see If you need details, contact Tim or Annie (whose contact information is provided at the site).



  1. Annie

    Thank you for helping us out!

  2. I hope things worked out all right!

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