Staying in a Hotel with your Pet

Travelling with pets can be stressful — although I often think that the owners suffer more stress than the animals (at least that is the case when I travel with my cat). If you are flying out of Narita with your pet and need a pet-friendly place to stay, you might want to consider the Hilton Narita. It is a bit pricey, but you will probably sleep a lot better with your pet beside you before a long trip.

From the Angels With Fur mailing list:

We stayed at the Hilton Narita on our way back to North America this sumnmer and we had a great stay with our little dog. He was provided a little cage with pet sheets, a free bottle of dog cologne, and we were all welcomed there. It made our trip back a lot less stressful as the dog was also traveling the next day and having that time to play and relax the night before was essential before being cooped up for 12 hours on the plane at our feet the next day, especially after a long shinkansen ride. We paid around 18,000 yen for the room, I think, but it included the shuttle to the airport.


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