Lolcats and Cheezburgers

Have you heard about lolcats and the i can has cheezburger website? If you are looking for a way to waste a few minutes (or hours if you find that you like this kind of humour), hop on over to the site and browse a few days’ worth of pictures.

A “lolcat” is a picture of a cat with a caption on it saying what the cat is thinking or describing what is happening in the picture. (“LOL” is internet slang for “laughing out loud”.) The icanhascheezburger website is a place where you can share such pictures. You can read more about the genesis of this idea on their about page.

The cats use a special language in the pictures that has its own syntax. It might take a while for you to follow what is being said and find common patterns (e.g. ur = your, incorrect conjugation of verbs, etc.). If you like computer programming, you might find lolcode funny too.

(And if you like lolcats, you might want to try dogslol too!)


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  1. yes, those sites are funny! don’t go on if you have serious work to do!

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