Yokotsuka/Tokyo Area: URGENT FOSTER NEEDED (foster found ok now!)


Hello!  I’m Seiji!  Can I come play at your house for a couple of months?  I really, really need a puppy sitter.  My family got orders to deploy to Hawaii THIS WEEK!! WOW!!  and they need some time to arrange housing and process the paperwork for a big boy like me.


They will fly back and pick me up as soon as they can make arrangements, but we could REALLY use your help right now.  My mom and dad will pay for all of my expenses while I’m at your house. (food,etc…)  They are hoping to find a foster family for me in the Kanto area or at least within 3 hours of Yokotsuka if possible.

If you think you might be able to help, please contact AngelsWithFur at AngelsWithFur-owner@yahoogroups.com and we will put you in touch with Seiji’s family right away.



Tochigi/Tokyo folks! Arashi and Sweets are two beautiful kitties looking for their forever home.

Hello from Tochigi!  Here are two gorgeous boys who are looking for their forever homes.  A very nice lady running a TNR program disovered these two friendly beauties hanging out with the horses at a local riding school and looking for food. They really deserve to find a loving family, ASAP.

Because they are FIV+ they will need to be the only cat in the home or will need to be adopted into a home with an already FIV+ cat.  They’ve had a rough start in life, but are all done with hard days now!!  Time for the good life!


Hi! I’m Sweets.  Check out my super cute Scottish Fold ears!  Aren’t I adorable!  My rescue mom says I’m probably about 5 years old.  Rescue mom says I have really cute feet, but I do NOT like having my toenails clipped! I’m a spunky cat and I really, really like to play with string. If you’re looking for a playful cat, maybe you’re my perfect family.


Hi, I’m Arashi! My name means Storm or Stormy in Japanese. Rescue mom says I was a “ball of hissing, spitting fur” when she first tried to pick me up, but I fooled her big time! Once I wasn’t scared anymore, I showed her I’m actually a big cuddle bug.  I’m still pretty young, too. Rescue mom guesses I’m only about 2 years old. I don’t really know much about toys yet… (can you teach me to play??), but I LOVE to be held and I love sitting next to you, keeping you company.

If you are interested in adopting one (or both!) of the kitties, please send a message to AngelsWithFur-owner@yahoogroups.com and we will put you in touch with their rescuer right away.

Family Pet Adoption Questionnaire

This post is for anyone thinking about adopting sometime soon and for anyone interested in how we can make that process smoother.

When we adopted our dogs, each time we asked many, many questions to their rescuers. We tried to find out everything we could about our pups and what they would need for a happy life with us.  Even so, each time I remember thinking when we came home, “Oh, I wish I had asked…!”  and “I think I remember his rescuer saying…”     And memory being what it is, those “I think I remember” details gradually became fuzzier and fuzzier, especially for anything that wasn’t written down…. and things I thought I understood perfectly well in Japanese…well, were maybe not quite so perfectly comprehended after all.  Especially this was true with our unexpectedly challenging (though very cute and much loved!) pup #2.  Which got me thinking I can’t be alone in this experience and also got me wanting to have what you see here below.

If you’ve ever adopted a pet from a rescue organization, you’ve probably filled out an adoption survey.  This is like that, but more full of details that the adopting family in particular would want to know.  It’s one possible way of having a very thorough conversation with your new family member’s rescuer/guardian while having the chance to make a written record of all the details, and history, and likes, dislikes, and such… all of the things that you won’t want to not know later on!

Adoption questions from Meagan Kaiser

If you are thinking of adopting or know others who are, I hope this question sheet can be something helpful for you.  It’s totally downloadable, printable, and copyable.

Adoption questions from Meagan Kaiser

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Flooding…oh My!

What a day!   It seems like wherever you might be in Japan you’ve probably been hit by SOMETHING today.  Everybody stay safe!

Please, if at all possible, take your pets with you if you ever need to evacuate. You are their only protection and if it’s not safe for you…it’s not safe for them.


I’m with you! Let’s go!

What to keep in a pet “go bag” for quick evacuation:

(short list)

food for at least a week in a sealable bag/container

any medicines/basic first aid kit

medical records

travel bowls

toys and treats(for stress relief)

extra collar/leash (dogs)

phone numbers/e-mail for your vet and animal rescue groups in your area (many if not most are very happy to help in an emergency)

Keep your pet “go bag” close to your main exit in an easily accessible place (ours is in the shoe cabinet) and update perishables regularly.  It can make a huge difference when an emergency comes!!


Yokotsuka/Tokyo area folks: Urgent Foster Needed for Seiji! **Update: Seiji is safe and sound!

If you have ever thought about fostering, please consider helping Seiji.  Let’s get this beautiful boy in a safe place…

I'm Seiji!  Can I come play at your house for a couple of months?

I’m Seiji! Can I come play at your house?  I’m a good boy and my family really needs help to keep me safe right now.

From Seiji’s family (updated/edited):
This is Seiji, our 7 months old male Siberian Husky. We live in Yokosuka and we didn’t know how hard and expensive it would be to find a house that will allow big dogs like him around here. So we’re looking for help from someone who can keep him for 3 months until we can move into pet friendly housing.  All the expenses like food and vet will be from us.  He already has a crate too. We don’t want to get rid of him and that’s why we’re trying to do everything to keep him. Our current landlord gave us 1 week for him to leave. We need help so badly.  Thank you!

If you think you might be able to help Seiji, please contact us at:
We will put you in contact with Seiji’s family immediately.
Thank you as always AWF!

Chiba/Tokyo Area: Little Tiger is looking for his forever home! Update: Tiger (now Koh) has been adopted! Yay!

*Update: Tiger (Koh) was put up for adoption  because of worries that he would not get along with his rescuer’s older cat… but luckily and with much patience…they have decided they like each other after all. So, little Koh will be living out his life with his human hero and new big sister.  Way to go Koh!

Sweet little Tiger was born outdoors, but has adapted to indoor life quite nicely, says his rescuer. If you’re looking for a gentle, quiet love-bug, this may be your boy.

Hello!  Nice to meet you. I'm Tiger!

Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m Tiger!


Stretch!!! Beds are awesome!


Yep, definitely awesome!   Zzz…..

Who: Tiger

Where: Chiba (near Tokyo)

Health: Very healthy

Character: Quiet and sweet

If you think you might be interested in adopting Tiger, please contact us at:


We will put you in touch with Tiger’s foster family right away!

Tokyo/Chiba Area: Elizabeth and Pimentinha–We’re looking for our forever home!

I'm Elizabeth, nice to meet you!  Can I come cuddle up in your lap?

I’m Elizabeth, nice to meet you! Can I come cuddle up in your lap?

These sweeties have had a loving home and good care thanks to their wonderful owner. For personal reasons however, she has circumstances which make it difficult for her to continue keeping the kitties with her. Therefore, she is making the hard, but responsible decision to look for great new homes for them now. If you are looking for one (or two!) warm and friendly new family members…  please consider bringing Elizabeth and Pimentinha to your home!

Hello! I'm Pimentinha. Check out my soft fur!  Don't you want to add and elegant kitty like me to your family?

Hello! That’s me in the front! I’m Pimentinha. …Little Pepper! Check out my soft fur! Don’t you want to add an elegant kitty like me to your family?

If you are interested, please contact us at :


and we will put you in contact with their owner!

Tokyo/Chiba area- Looking for a foster family!

My name is Garfield. Don't I have beautiful eyes?

Hello! My name is Snaggultooth.  Aren’t I a beautiful boy?

Is there anyone out there able to open their heart and home for a few months for these sweethearts?  Their human mama needs to go to the US in November for a few months to help her daughter when she has her first baby. The exact dates aren’t confirmed yet, but best guess is about 3 months (average maternity leave). These two are much loved and their mama is doing everything right by trying to plan in advance for a nice foster for them. Can we help this family out?!  Thanks AngelsWithFur!

Grumpy cat's got nothin' on me! But don't let my expression fool you...I've totally stolen my human mama's heart!

I’m Garfield!  Grumpy cat’s got nothin’ on me! Check out that look!  But don’t let my expression fool you…I’ve totally stolen my human mama’s heart!

*If you or someone you know can foster these two beautiful boys from November, please contact: AngelsWithFurowner@yahoogroups.com
and I’ll get you in contact with their mom! Thank you!!

Toby Weymiller

I went and said goodbye to a dear friend tonight. His lovely, strong wife and her kind family were there with him. As she said, he looked as handsome as always, and was lying peacefully, surrounded by many things representing what he loved – bicycle, skis, hiking gear, and beer.   TOBY THANKS!
–picture and tribute from Sean H.

And Toby’s own goodbye in his own words…

Toby Weymiller, a man who followed his dreams and was always passionate about making a difference, passed away in the mountains on(insert date), just as he had hoped.

Toby loved nature, the mountains, his family and his friends. He always thrived for the ultimate balance with all of these passions and his dying wishes were to tell everyone, “Thanks for the memories!” and “Thanks for all the support over the years!”. In lieu of flowers or donations to charity (although he always encouraged donations to charities), Toby asked that you all go outside, sit down, breathe in that fresh air and take a few minutes to remember him. Toby asked that you smile and laugh as you remember the good times you shared with him. Toby says that even though he is not visible to the eye, he is still very alive in spirit and you can find him often when you go out into nature and especially up into the mountains. Toby said he is waiting for you to come visit him there.

Toby is survived by many family and friends, all of which he loved dearly. You can go to http://www.weymiller.com to see more about Toby, including pictures and videos, as well as his family and friends.

–Toby wrote this obituary himself back in 2008 and his final word to all if you is “Namaste”.

*3/29/2013 original post:
Today is a very sad day for us at AngelsWithFur. Toby Weymiller, previous administrator of this page, passed away today from injuries sustained in an avalanche. A truly bright light has gone out of this world for both people and animals. In addition to the work with this page and all of the other amazing things Toby did in his life (and there were many), he was extremely active with the rescue of animals after the Tohoku disaster, both physically on the ground and logistically online. Both the animal and human world lost a great man tonight. Rest in peace Toby. You will be dearly, dearly missed…
–When you are outside, maybe looking at the cherry blossoms this weekend, please take a moment to remember Toby and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Okinawa area- OAARS is looking for foster families


Fostering allows rescues to save more animals. If you are going to be in Japan for a few years, this can be a great way to help! Clicking the picture will take you to OAARS homepage.